10 August 2017

How to Enable Desktop Notification for Gmail

The email service offered by Google is one of the most popular in the world today being that it is free as compared to some of its competitors offering similar service. Over the years, Google has been making so many improvements to their platforms and Gmail was not left out. One of these improvements is the Gmail desktop notification which when enabled makes it possible for users to get a desktop notifications whenever there is a new mail sent to their inbox.

In order to be able to receive this notifications directly on your desktop, you will have to turn on the service first. For those of you guys who do not know how this is done, follow the guide below to do so;

  • Log into your Gmail account if you are not already logged in.
  • Locate and click on the "cog" sign just as indicated in the image below.
Gmail - cog sign

  • Select Settings from the drop down menu that will appear once you must have clicked on the cog sign.

Gmail Settings

  • Scroll down the settings page to Desktop Notifications. Notice there are three radio buttons with the button Mail notifications off already selected. Enable mail notifications by selecting the radio button for New mail notifications. You can decide to receive notification for only important mails by selecting its radio button but I will advise you pick the New mail notifications since some important mails might sometimes not be recognized by Gmail as important (basically because you have not marked it as important).

Gmail mail notification

  • Finally scroll down the page and click on Saves Changes to apply the change you just made to your account.

Gmail Save Changes

Note: You will only be able to receive mail notifications if you have the popular Google Chrome browser installed on your PC.


8 August 2017

How to Create a Free Custom Email Address for your Business

Do you want a customized email address for your business? There are several ways via which this can be done but you will need a domain name for that to be possible. If you already own a domain and want to create a custom email for it e.g. info@yourdomain.com then just follow the guide below.

This service which is offered by Zohomail is totally free of charge but you can also upgrade to a paid plan to get more features and thus enjoy the full service that Zohomail has to offer. Basically, most domain registrars offer options for the creation of a customized email address but the problem most times is that one can only forward mails sent to the customized email to another email address. If this is the case in which you find yourself, then you need not worry because Zohomail allows you created a customized email address for your domain name which you can use to send and receive emails.

To get started creating a customized email address on Zohomail which you can use to send and receive emails, simply for the step by step guide below;

Creating a Customized Email on Zohomail:

  • Type in http://www.zohomail.com into your browser's address bar or you can simply just click on the link as provided.
  • When the page is done loading, locate and click on the Sign Up button.

Zohomail Sign Up

  • Scroll down the new page and click on the Sign Up button just below the Free option.
Zohomail Sign Up
  • Next fill the form as required and then click on Sign Up.
  • Patiently wait as your account is created and a verification code sent to the number you provided during the registration above.
  • Copy the OTP code sent to your number and paste into the box provided for it on the new page and then click on Verify My Mobile.
Zohomail Sign Up OTP verification
  • The next step will require to verify the ownership of the domain you want to create email for. Select your domain’s DNS manager from the drop down list provided.
  •  If your domain’s DNS manager is not found in the list, select Other and then follow the instruction to create a CNAME for your domain in your DNS Provider which should point to zmverify.zoho.com as required.
Zohomail Sign Up CNAME
  •  Once done adding the CNAME for your domain in your DNS Provider, click on Proceed to CNAME Verification as I have indicated in the image below. If you get an error message informing you that there is no CNAME found, you will have to wait for about an hour for the changes to take effect in the DNS Servers. After an hour or two, log into your Zoho Mail Control Panel and click on select Other from the drop down list then click on Proceed to CNAME Verification as done before.
Zohomail Sign Up CNAME
  • If the CNAME is found, you shall get a congratulatory message just like shown in the image below. Click on Verify Now.
Zohomail Sign Up CNAME verification
  • On the next page where you shall be told that you have successfully verified your domain, enter the name of the custom email you want associated with your domain name and then click on Create Account.
Zohomail Account Creation
  • The next step is to Add Users which can be done by simply clicking on the Proceed to Add Users or you can simply just skip the process and click on Skip to continue without creating new users.
  • Now you are given the option to Create Groups which can be done by clicking on the Proceed to Create Group button or you simply do that later and click on Skip to continue.
  • Next, you shall be given the options to configure email delivery in order to start receiving emails. Follow the instruction provided on the page to setup MX Records of Zoho so as to start receiving emails in Zoho.
  • Once you are done, click on MX Lookup to check if you have configured it correctly. If everything is a good you get a message with all the status checked good on the pop-up that will come up. After that has been done, click on Next to continue.
  • On the page that will appear, you are given the option to add SPF records and DKIM records for your domain. To add SPF records, just copy the values for TXT - Host/Name  and TXT Value, and add as you did for CNAME and MX Record above. Visit https://www.zoho.com/mail/help/adminconsole/dkim-configuration.html to learn about DKIM and how to configure it. Feel free to contact me if you are having issue adding and configuring this part. If you don’t want to do anything about it or have configured as required, click on Skip to continue.
  • Next you are given the option to migrate your existing emails to the new one you are about to create. Since you are setting up this email for the first time, just click on Skip on to continue.
  • This page gives you information regarding to your mail client configuration. Save the information found on this page as you might need it in the future and then click on Next.
  •  If you want to download any of the available Zoho app, click on the icon corresponding to your mobile platform. Click on Skip if you are done or don’t want to download the apps.
  • Finally click on Proceed to Access Zohomail to access your custom Zohomail account and begin using it.

Zohomail Account Creation

By following the above guide, you have setup a custom email for your domain name which you can use to send and receive emails anytime you want. If you encounter any issue while following this guide, feel free to contact me for assistance via the comment box below or just send me a direct message via the Contact Us page.


21 July 2017

How to Capture Screenshot of a Web Page in Google Chrome Browser

Presently viewing a web page with plenty of interesting stuff you don’t want to ignore? There are so many ways via which you can save the web pages you view on the internet but what I will be showing you guys today has to do with taking screenshots. I guess you must have been wondering how I get to show you guys pictorial guides of posts having to do with web pages. One simple truth is that I really do not like installing third party software and applications on my computer so I normally make do with the pre-installed Windows features. The con about using this feature to take screenshot is that you will have to print screen i.e. take a snapshot and then paste to another source before saving. What if you are not the type that likes to go through such plenty process?

Well, today we shall be looking at how we can take screenshot of the web pages we visit without actually having to exit or minimize the browser. As I always said, there are plenty of ways to achieve this. If you are using Google Chrome browser to access the internet, then this guide is for you. If not, you can check out How to Capture Web Page Screenshot on Mozilla Firefox Browser.
  • On the page that will load up, click on +Add to Chrome just as shown in the image below.

Full page screenshot extension download

  • Wait while the browser checks the application if it is supported or not. If supported, you shall get a pop-up message asking you if you want to add the extension to Chrome. Click on Add Extension just as shown in the image below.

Chrome web page screenshot extension

  • Patiently wait as the extension is downloaded and added to Chrome. On successful completion, you shall get a camera icon just like the one shown in the image below appearing at the top right corner of the browser’s panel.

Full page screenshot icon

  • With that done, anything time you wish to capture any web page of choice, just click on the camera icon as  I have shown in the image above.
  • When you click on the camera icon, you shall be given to options for capturing a web page. The first is to capture the entire web page and the other an option to capture only a given portion of the web page. Pick any of the options which best satisfies your need.

Full page screenshot feature

Note: The above guide is for people who use Google Chrome browser to access the internet. For other browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. the extensions differ. If you are using Firefox browser, check out How to Capture Web Page Screenshot on Mozilla Firefox Browser to learn how to take screenshots of web pages while accessing the internet via the browser.


17 July 2017

Pictorial Guide on How to Create and Own a Google Account for Free

Owning a Google account gives you access to all Google platform. This means that it doesn’t matter on which Google platform you decide to open your account on because once you do, you shall be able to log into all Google platforms. Over the years, Google has taken the internet like a wild fire and every day we still keep getting applications and devices being linked to it. I guess you know now why you need to own a Google account today. The process involved in opening a Google account unlike in other platforms, is very easy and requires little or no technological know-how in order to do so. But since there will always be people who are not good with the internet or anything that has to do with technology, I shall in this post show you guys how to open and own a Google account for free.

Just follow the easy steps below and you are good to go;
  • Once the page has loaded up, locate and click on More Options just as indicated in the image below.

  • On the little menu that will appear, click on Create Account.

  • Fill the form as required and then click on Next Step.
  • If all the required information is filled in correctly, you shall get a pop-up page containing Google’s Privacy and Terms. Read through the Privacy and Terms and then click on I Agree to accept. By clicking on the I Agree button, you accept to abide by Google’s Privacy and Terms.

  • Finally, click on Continue and you are done. 

Remember, you can use the account you just created to access any Google platform that requires a login.


13 July 2017

How to Stop or Turn Off Video Autoplay on Twitter

Twitter’s video tweets feature by default works in a manner that whenever users scroll to the video, the video will automatically begin to play. For users who are trying to minimize data cost, it is necessary not to stream or watch videos online. So if Twitter videos starts playing immediately you get to them, then it means that your data bundle won’t really last long. This feature was put in place with the believe that users are accessing the Twitter site via a Wi-Fi and not through a metered connection.

In order to be able to prevent Twitter videos from playing automatically when you scroll to them, simply follow the procedure below;
  • Log into your Twitter account if you are not already logged in.
  • Click on your Profile Picture which is found at the top right corner of your Twitter page.
Twitter Profile Pic
  • Locate and click on Settings and Privacy from the drop down menu that appears after clicking on your Profile Picture.
Twitter Settings and Privacy
  • Scroll down to Content on the new page that will appear and uncheck Video Autoplay.
Twitter Video Autoplay
  • Click on Save Changes to apply the changes you have made to stops the video tweets from auto-playing whenever you scroll to them.
Twitter Save Changes
  • Enter your Twitter login password to confirm that you are the one making the changes and then finally click on Save Changes to apply the changes to your account as shown in the mage below.
Twitter Login Password
  • By so doing, you will get a message like the one shown in the image below informing you that your settings have been saved.
Twitter Changes Applied
If you found this useful, do not hesitate to share with your friends by using the social media icons below.


12 July 2017

Simple Methods to Bypass & Watch Restricted YouTube Videos

Restricted YouTube Video

It is very frustrating when we decide to watch a video on YouTube and get the “This video is not available in your country ” message. This restriction was put in place to help checkmate and prevent viewing of videos containing adult contents and some other contents by underage persons. The restriction was also extended to normal contents which its owners feel should not be available for viewing in some countries.

Today, i shall be showing you guys some simple methods via which you can watch any YouTube video of choice (restricted or not). I just want to believe I am not in any way breaking any law by showing you guys this simple techniques. In other to be able to watch restricted videos on YouTube, you can simple follow the easy methods below;

Method 1: Editing the videos URL

This is the simplest of all the methods I am going to be showing you guys here. It happens that most video uploaders sometimes have a target audience and so make a restriction for specific countries. If this happens, trying to view the said video from a restricted country will give you a message that viewers from your country has been restricted from watching the video. But this can be corrected by simply changing the URL of the video. So supposing that you want to watch a YouTube video with URL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDT-WsMrBfE that is restricted in your country, all you need to do is to delete the watch? and replace the = sign with a / (forward slash). The new URL should now look something like https://www.youtube.com/v/LDT-WsMrBfE without the watch? and the = sign included.

Method 2: Download Video Using a Third Party Site

Downloading of YouTube videos is something people do often with download managers. The problem with most of this download managers is that they can only begin downloading of a video once the video starts playing which happens to be an issue here since we are restricted from playing it. In order to be able download this type of videos via a third party site, you will also be editing the URL of the video just like you did for the above method.

To watch restricted YouTube videos, you will need to download it first as I have said before. All you have to do is change the URL of the video you want to watch. So supposing that you want to watch a YouTube video with URL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDT-WsMrBfE that is restricted in your country, remove the www. and change it to ss so that the new URL will now be https://ssyoutube.com/watch?v=LDT-WsMrBfE  without the www. as found in the initial URL.
You can still read about how to use this method to download YouTube by checking out my post on How to Download Videos from YouTube to Phone or PC Without any Software.

Method 3: Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) Service

For this method, you will need to download and install a software which can hide or change your IP to that of another country where the video is not restricted. As much as I don’t like the installation of VPNs, I still find it useful in some instances. Just search for good VPN services online and install to change your IP or maybe hide your identity. Once you have downloaded and installed any of such VPN services, simply launch it and hide your identity or just change you IP to that of a country where the video is not restricted.

For list of good VPN applications/software, check out Top 5 Free VPN Software For PC or Good VPN Applications for Android Devices.


7 July 2017

Easiest Way to Save Photos & Videos Used as Whatsapp Status Update

With the addition of the status update feature to WhatsApp comes some security challenges which was addressed by WhatsApp team by making the status available for only a period of 24 hours. The reason as to why this was done is still something I am yet to understand but one worrisome part of it all is that they did not in any way give an option for users to save such photos/videos as usually done on Facebook.

I guess majority of you guys have been trying with no luck to save the photos and videos used by your friends in their WhatsApp status update but to no avail. Basically the desire to save such WhatsApp pictures or video updates is because it won’t be available anymore to be viewed 24 hours after it must have been used by your friends as their status. Well today is your luck because I shall be showing you guys a simple method to save the photos and videos used as status update on WhatsApp. To get started, simply follow my easy step by step guide below;

  • Once you have downloaded Story Saver for WhatsApp from Play Store, open the application.
  • On opening/launching the application, you shall get a screen just like the one shown in the image below. All your friend’s status updates (both pictures and videos) are shown at the top of the app’s interface. You can tap/click on any of them to view, save and share.

Status Saver for WhatsApp

  • To view the recent statuses, simply tap/click on Recent Stories as indicated in the image below.

Recent Stories

  • Notice that on the Recent Stories page, there is an option for Pictures and Videos. Toggle between both depending on the file type of the WhatsApp status you wish to save.
  • Once you have located the status you want to save, tap/click on it to select. You can select multiple statuses as you wish.
  • Next tap/click on the Download Icon at the top right corner of the app’s interface to automatically save the selected statuses to the Saved Stories section of the Status Saver for WhatsApp application.

Status Saver Download Icon
  • To view the Saved statuses, simply tap/click on Saved Stories on the Status Saver for WhatsApp application interface.
Saved Stories

I you don't think that this procedure of saving WhatsApp statuses is easy, then you can check my other post How to Easily Save WhatsApp Statuses (Photos and Videos) for another approach to saving WhatsApp statuses.


6 July 2017

Steps to Download and Install Android Apps from Google Play Store

For some reasons, some of you guys reading this might be asking yourself of what use is this, considering the fact that 80% of mobile phone users own or must have used an Android device and so should be conversant with the steps involved in installing apps from Google Play Store. It's unbelievably true though that some people up until now still don’t know how to download and install android apps from Google Play Store let alone install such apps from any other known source.

Luckily, I really do not believe that we know it all and so have taken it upon to write a tutorial showing those who don't know how to download and install Android app from Google Play Store with a pictorial guide to make the process easy and understandable.

If you feel and believe that you don’t need this guide, then you can simply scroll down the page to find other related posts or maybe just use our search feature to search for posts related to or exactly what you are looking for. Below is the tutorial on how to download and install android apps from Google Play Store;

Downloading and Installing Android Apps from Google Play Store:
In other to be able to download android apps from Play Store, you must own a Google account. If you don’t have a Google account yet, then simple go through my post Pictorial Guide on How to Open and Own a Google Account for Free to learn how to get an account for free.

Believing that by now you have a Google account, let us proceed to downloading and installing android apps from Play Store.
  • On your Android device, locate and tap/click on the Play Store icon.
  • Once the Play Store app opens, you shall be given two options. To either login using an existing Google account or create a new one. Believing that by now you have a Google account, we shall just go ahead and select Existing. You can only get this option if you are accessing Play Store for the first time on your Android device (i.e. if someone has not already logged into the Play Store app on your Android device).
Google Account

  • Next you shall be required to login using your Google account details (email address and password). Input the information as required and click/tap on the Next icon as shown in the image below.
Google Account Sign in
  • On the pop-up page that will appear, click on Ok after you must have gone through the Terms of service, Privacy Policy, and Google Play Terms of Service.
Google Account Sign in
  • Patiently wait as you are signed into Play Store.
Google Account Sign in
  • On the Play Store interface, locate the Search Icon and click/tap on it.
Play Store - Search icon
  • Search for the app you want to download and install by entering its name in the search box. For image illustration, I shall be searching for the popular WhatsApp app.
  • Once you have located the Android app you want to download, click/tap on it.
  • When the apps page opens, locate and click on Install to begin download and installation of the app.
WhatsApp install
  • Click on Accept when a pop-up page appears to allow the app have access to some specified features on your Android device. For privacy and security reasons, please ensure you go through the list of features the app wants to have access to before proceeding to click/tap on the Accept button.
WhatsApp installation
  • Patiently wait as the app is downloaded and installed on your device. The time it will take for it to be downloaded and installed is dependent solely on the app’s size and your browsing speed.
WhatsApp downloading
WhatsApp installing
  • After the download and installation is done, you shall get a page like the one shown below (remember that the image illustration is that from WhatsApp download and installation). Click/tap on Open to launch and begin using the app you downloaded.
WhatsApp open
Note: The images I used for illustration are those taken during the installation of WhatsApp messenger and it therefore means that the logo, text, app size, download speed, etc. might differ from the one you shall be seeing during the download and installation of other Android applications from Google Play Store.


29 June 2017

How to Easily Save WhatsApp Statuses (Photos and Videos)

Just like it is for one to easily post their status update on Facebook so it is now for one to update their status on WhatsApp. The good thing about Facebook status update is that it is possible for one to save the pictures and videos in this update unlike in WhatsApp where users are finding it difficult saving photos and videos used by their friends as status. This inability of users to directly download or save the status update photos and videos of their friends is as a result of the security measures put in place by the app’s owner(s). For the sake of privacy, this status updates are made available for only a period of 24 hours (probably one of the reasons why the download/save option has not been enabled for the feature).

As I always say, there is no difficult thing on earth that doesn’t have an easy approach. This is where EasyTins comes in, to help you solve any issue that you might have been seeing as difficult. If you want to save the photos and videos which your friends have used in their WhatsApp status update, then follow the simple steps as I have outlined below;

There are two methods that I normally use when I want to download or save any of my friend’s WhatsApp status update (photo or video). Today I shall be showing you guys one of the methods which i believe is the easiest. If you want to use the other method, then you will need to see my post on Steps to Save a Friend’s WhatsApp Status Update (Photo & Video).

For the method i shall be showing you guys here, you will have to make use of the very popular File Manager (Explorer) android app found in majority of the android phones in the market today. If you don’t already have it installed in your phone, then you need not worry because I will include its download and installation in this tutorial. So if you don’t have the app installed in your phone, follow the steps below to download and install it before heading over to download or save your friends WhatsApp status update. For those of you who already have the app installed, you can just skip the download and installation process.

Download and Installation of File Manager (Explorer):
There are so many file managers (explorer) available for android users but I will be making use of the ES File Explorer to show you guys how to download/save a friends WhatsApp video/photo status update.
  • Open Google Play Store and search for ES File Explorer.

Saving / Downloading WhatsApp Status Photo or Video:

Now that you have installed a file manager (preferably ES File Explorer) on your device, let me explain how you can save/download your friends WhatsApp video/photo status update.
  • Open the installed file manager.
Note: All my image illustrations are that from ES File Explorer.
  • Now that the ES File Explorer is open, scroll down to Show Hidden Files and enable it by moving the button to the right. 
ES File Explorer - Show Hidden Files

  • Next tap/click on Internal Storage to open it just as shown in the image below. 
ES File Explorer - Internal Storage

  • Locate and open the folder named WhatsApp

ES File Explorer - WhatsApp folder

  • Next open Media folder as found inside the WhatsApp folder

ES File Explorer - Media

  • You will notice that the folder named Statuses is somehow blurred. This is to show you that it is a hidden folder which was made visible when you turned on the Show Hidden Files option. Open the folder by tapping/clicking on it. 

ES File Explorer - Statuses

  • Once the Statuses folder has been opened, you should see a list of all the photos and videos that has been used by your friends in their WhatsApp status update. To save any of them, tap/click and hold down on the one you want to save and then select copy or move to copy or move it to a specified folder of choice.

ES File Explorer - Copy Statuses

Note: It is possible to select multiple photos or videos from the statuses by tapping on each of them when one of the photos or video has been selected.

I hope you found this tutorial useful and helpful. For another method of saving photo or video statuses, check out my post on Steps to Save a Friend’s WhatsApp Status Update (Photo & Video). Please endeavor to share this with friends and family by using our social media sharing buttons as found just below this post.


25 June 2017

How to Set a Default Browser for Windows 10 Operating System

Whenever you decide to save a web page on your computer, I guess you might have noticed that most times if you decide to open the page, a list of installed browsers will pop-up asking you to choose which you will prefer to use in opening the saved web page. This happens because you don't have a set default browser on your computer.

Today, I am going to show you guys how to make a specific web browser your default in a Windows 10 operating system. The steps involved are very simple and I believe you will be astonished as to how easy it is. All you need to do is follow the steps below as outlined;
  • Click on the Windows Start Icon and then click on Settings.
Windows 10 Settings
  • On the Settings page, locate and click on System (Display, notifications, apps, power).
Windows 10 System
  • Next locate and click on Default apps on the new page that will appear.
Windows 10 Default App
  • Once the Default apps is clicked, you should get a list by the right of the page. Scroll down the page to Web Browser and then click on the Choose a Default.
Windows 10 Choose default app
  • On the pop-up that will appear, click on the icon representing your favorite browser and you are done.

Windows 10 browser select

Note: You will have to have a browser installed on your Windows 10 powered computer before it can appear on the list of browsers to select in the choose an app pop-up.


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