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7 November 2013

Writing good stuffs is one thing but making sure people have access to them is another thing entirely. When starting a blog, always have in mind that not every one will have the luxury of visiting your blog each time to know if you have a new useful information for them.

There are lot of things you can put in place in your blog to make sure readers get access to your recent posts. One among them is "Email Subscription", which is one of the easiest way readers can get the latest updates coming from your blog straight into their mail for no cost at all.

Creating and activating this Email Subscription for your blog is very easy and here is a step by step guide on how to do it

  • First of all you need to Sign into Feedburner using your Google account. You will be mandated to burn a feed. Inside the box provided, type in the URL of the blog you want to burn its feed and then click NEXT

  • Select "Atom" button if its not already selected and click NEXT
  • In the next page, you have the option of changing the title of your feed. Click Next after that
  • You will get a message telling you CONGRATULATION. Click NEXT
  • Keep clicking NEXT till you get to the page where you will be told that you have successfully updated your feed.
  • Now click on "PUBLICIZE" 


  • On the next page, you will see a message close to the "ACTIVATE" button telling you that the service is not active. Click on "ACTIVATE".

Congratulation! You have successfully created and activated Email Subscription for your blog.

For more information on how to add this Email Subscription link to your blog, click HERE


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