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25 January 2014

Facebook Fan
If I told you that 70% of the world’s population have an account on Facebook, would I sound stupid? Well the truth is that more than 70% of the world’s population have an account on Facebook and about 55% are active users. Facebook is the largest social network website on the internet and have a great impact in helping publicize our content thus increasing traffic to our blog or website. So as a business/website owner, you should be considering tapping into this great opportunity of making your business website or blog known to the world by creating its page on Facebook.

Before creating a Facebook page, it is sometimes very important to understand how it works so as to be able to harness its full potential. Most of us just tend to create Facebook page because we see others doing so. Well let me tell you that just creating a Facebook page won’t get you the traffic your blog or business website deserve if you don’t know how to get fans. There are several ways through which a website or blog owner can get it visitors to become a fan on their Facebook page. From adding Facebook share buttons to creating and adding a pop-up like box to the site.

Well today, I want to show you how to create a Facebook Page for your business and or website so as to generate awareness for the business or website. You should know that the more popular your business or website gets on social networks, the more traffic you will be getting. So if you are ready, then here is a tutorial on how to create a Facebook page for your business or website.

Creating a Facebook Page for a Business or Website


  • Next thing is to select the Classification which best suites the page you want to create. From the image below, you can see there are six classifications available for selection. If you are unsure which classification your to be page belong to, then select the second classification (i.e. Company, Organization or Institution).

Facebook Fan Page Settings

  • Four among the six classifications require that you simply select the category which your page belongs to and then enter its name. The other two, Local Business or Place (requires that you choose the category, enter the business or place name, the street address of the business, it’s city/county, postal code and phone) and Cause or Community (requires you to enter the cause or community name) are different. Once you have done that, tick the Facebook Page Terms agreement button and click on Get Started.
  • This stage requires that you enter a basic description for the page, the page’s official website, and enter an address for your Page. After you have provided those information, click on Save Info.
  • Provide information for the remaining tabs on the page and finally click on Continue.

That is it for creating a Facebook Page for your business and website. You can do further customization of the page by yourself later.


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