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27 January 2014

WhatsApp plus
Want to have a customized WhatsApp running on your Blackberry device? By customized, I mean the WhatsApp application for Android devices popularly known as WhatsApp plus. This one is so different from the usual WhatsApp that is available for Blackberry device because it gives the user an option to hide his/her online status, change the WhatsApp theme and so many more.

 For most of you Blackberry users, you should have noticed that there are no many Blackberry application in BBWorld as compared to millions of apps begging to be downloaded from the Google Play website. It seems software developers just try to create cross platform applications so that Blackberry users won’t be left out, and so don’t put in any effort to make the app uniquely different from those found on other mobile platforms. The WhatsApp application is not left out here as there is a limited functionality feature for those available for Blackberry devices.

Today am bringing to you guys an awesome trick which will help you run the Android WhatsApp plus on a Blackberry device and also transfer your chat history from the Android device to your Blackberry. The transfer of chat history from the Android device to the Blackberry is possible because the Android WhatsApp is deceived into believing that the Blackberry is an Android device and thus makes a backup of the chat history.

To enjoy the full feature which the Android WhatsApp plus has got to offer on your Blackberry device, simply go through the easy steps below to install it in the Blackberry.

Note: I used a BB Z10 which runs on OS to do the installation.

Installing WhatsApp Plus in Blackberry OS 10

Steps: (courtesy of Aanchal Sethi)

You will need to download a cracked version of the WhatsApp plus to get the hide online status option since the one downloaded from WhatsApp's official website will require payment if you want the feature enabled.

So to begin,

  • Using your PC, download WhatsApp from Google Play and install it in your Blackberry Z10.
  • Once installed, chat with any of your friend for about 3 minutes.
  • Now do a back-up (make sure you take note of the location where the back up file is stored in your Blackberry device).
  • Visit Google and search for WhatsApp PLUS v.4.45D and download it.
  • Uninstall the WhatsApp in the BB Z10 and install the newly downloaded WhatsApp PLUS v.4.45D but don’t open/run it.
  • Copy the back up file you stored and paste into the WhatsApp PLUS v.4.45D folder using file manager.
  • Now run the WhatsApp PLUS v.4.45D. Immediately you enter your number, it will tell you that a back up is found.
  • Choose Restore and you are done.

Do not hesitate to let me know if you face any problem.


  1. Or I could give you my pin and you walk me through it
    I'm a first time BlackBerry user and I just got this z10 but I'm beyond frustrated

    1. I did not see any. Send me your pin then.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Want to have a customized WhatsApp running on your Blackberry device? whatsapp spy free download

  3. where the whatsapp (android) backup files willl be stored in blackberry z10? please tell me the location

    1. It is you that will specify the location where you want the backup file to be stored

  4. The overall installation is simple - unless you have some specific hardware problem or incompatibility.



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