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16 February 2014

Facebook faces
The feature of being able to see those who viewed your profile has been one of the things lacking in Facebook that is present in many of the other social networks around. By now, you should have noticed the many apps that claim they can show you the list of people who viewed your profile. According to the social network giant,

 “Facebook does not provide applications or groups with the technical means to allow people to track profile views or see statistics on how often a particular piece of content has been viewed and by whom. If an application claims to provide this functionality, please report the application by going to the application’s About page and clicking “Report Application” at the bottom of the page, or by clicking “Report” at the bottom of any canvas page within the application.
Applications you use may ask for permission to access content from your News Feed and Wall. Granting this permission does not allow applications to see who has viewed your profile. It simply allows applications to see which friends have interacted with posts, such as which friends liked or engaged with a particular wall post”.

With that said, I don’t think there are any application capable of revealing to you the list of people who viewed your profile. For the sake of doubt, I took the liberty of testing four of such apps which claim to be able to reveal the people who viewed my profile. The bitter truth is that the four of them are total scam. After downloading the apps, I was prompted to provide my Facebook login details to allow the app have access to my account which I did to enable it keep tab of my profile visitors. Some couple of hours later, I started noticing some unscrupulous messages appearing on my timeline. What I think happens is that once you provide the app with your Facebook username and password, the details are automatically sent to the app’s owner who then have total access to your account.

So as a Facebook user, you need to be very cautious of apps that claim they can help reveal the list of people who have viewed your profile since such functionality violates Facebook's Data Use Policy. But if you have already fallen prey, you can disable the app by following Facebook’s guide on how to revoke an app access to your account.

After reading the above and you still want to know those who have visited your profile, then you should continue reading to find out other methods that you can use to view the list of people who have viewed your Facebook profile which I think is the closest way to revealing the list.

Revealing the List of People who viewed Your Facebook Profile

This trick is very easy to follow and won’t require you entering your username or password. So to view the list,

  • Press CTRL + U to view the page’s source code.
  • Using CTRL + F, search for friendslist.

Facebook source code

  • Below the search result, you will see a list of profile IDs within quotes.
  • To view the person who has any of the profile IDs, simply copy the ID without -2 or -3 and paste after in your browser’s address bar. i.e. For example,

Facebook ID

Now the thing is this, most bloggers claim this method shows the accurate result of those who have visited your profile. Well I think it is a mixture of both the people you have recently chatted with, those you viewed their profile and those who viewed yours. To know those who viewed your profile, simply count off the IDs of those you recently chatted with and those you viewed their profile and you will be left with the IDs of those who visited your profile. After counting off the IDs of those you recently chatted with and those you viewed their profile, the IDs at the top will represent that of those who recently visited your profile.

I hope that was helpful. If you have any counter method, simply let me know by using the comment box below.


  1. I love the faces in d image dude. Your work is perfect. I tried the trick and it worked perfectly. Thumbs up man



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