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29 August 2014


Nigerian banking sectors are seriously changing things to meet up with recent technological development in the country and globally. Recently First City Monument Bank Plc. (FCMB) which is one of Nigerians leading banks, launched a service that will enable mobile phone users recharge their phones without having to visit any recharge card outlet to purchase a physical card. The process only requires that you have an account with FCMB and a mobile phone with which you can make the purchase.

To be able to buy airtime directly from your phone as an FCMB account holder without having to go to a retail outlet, simply dial *389*214*1*the amount#. For more information, call 012798800.


  1. Hi bro, what if I want to transfer to another line that I didn't use to create the account, how do I do it?

  2. D fcmb code...didnt was sayin transaction fail

    1. Sorry about that Victor. You can only purchase airtime using the number you provided when you opened the account.

  3. This' cool thoug its not the one I use in purchasing airtime!

    I use *322*amount#.

    Thanks for sharing this anyway...



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