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31 August 2014

Download Torrent Files

One of the easiest way to download heavy files is via torrent but can be hectic especially if one doesn't have the required software to get it done. There are several torrent software available for download on PC but few for mobile devices. The painful truth is that most of these few mobile torrent software are not supported on BlackBerry devices with the exception of Nux Torrent and BBtor which works well on it.

Because of this limitation, I decided to show you guys another method via which you can download torrent files directly to your BlackBerry phone using UC Web browser, Opera Mini, or the normal BlackBerry browser. All you need to do to is make sure you have the Opera Mini or UC Web browser application installed in your BlackBerry phone and then follow the procedure below

  • Go to Google or any good torrent site and search for the torrent file you want to download, and get its link downloaded to your BlackBerry phone.
  • Click on Browse for a file and upload the torrent link file you downloaded earlier to your BlackBerry phone.


  • When you have located the torrent link file of the file you want to download and selected it from the BlackBerry folder you stored it in, click on Go.


  • Patiently wait for some minutes so that the torrent link will complete uploading (caching). In case nothing happens or you don’t see any file after it is done uploading, click on To update refresh the page.

  • Once the file has successfully uploaded (100% Caching complete), a blue down arrow button will appear.


  • Click on the blue down arrow button and the file should automatically start downloading.

Note: The above process will work on every mobile phone including PC but the available data in the device should be taken into consideration before starting the download of a torrent file which in most situation are large files.


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