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7 November 2016

Etisalat Nigeria

Advertisement they say is the key to a successful business. The strategy you use to make customers patronize your business determines how successful the business will be. There are so many ways of advertising a business but technology has made these very easy and cheap. Gone are the days when street dancing and sensitization use to be the major means of getting customers to patronize a business. With the advent of technology, people now market their products and services easier at their own comfort.

With an increasing number of business entrepreneurs comes the need for advertisement. The Etisalat Nigeria’s EasyStatus service give you the opportunity to advertise your business at your own convenience and style. This service is similar to the Callerfeel service presently being offered by MTN Nigeria and works the same way. To subscribe to this awesome service and advertise your business, simply send ESW to 887 for a 7 days free trial and pay 30/week afterwards.


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