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14 December 2016

Live Chat for Blogger

Staying in touch with your customers and website visitors is one of the major ways to make sure your relationship with them never goes sour. Over the years, I have come to realize that nothing pleases a customer more than having them at heart and meeting up with their needs. With this said, there lots of ways via which you as a website owner can keep in touch with visitors to your site. The major ways through which a website owner can keep in touch with his/her website visitors, I have in some ways discussed in the past and if not will be discussing in time to come.

Keeping in touch with your website's visitors can be done in lots of ways but the most important and advisable way is the real time method via which visitors to your website can directly interact with you as regards their problems in a view to getting very quick response. Speaking of real time, I mean enabling a live chat system on the web-page so that users and visitors can chat with you whenever you are online or maybe send you offline messages which you are expected to respond to immediately you as the administrator or any of your agents come online.

Today I will be showing you guys how to add a live chat system to a Blogger powered website. This will enable you as a website owner provide your site visitors with real time answers regarding any problem they might be encountering without them having to leave the web-page at all. So if you think you need this on your website but don’t know how to go about adding and enabling it, then follow the steps below;

Adding a Live Chat System to a Blogger Powered Website:

My Live Chat

  • Fill out the Sign Up form as required and click on Create Account Now. If all information you have provided are in proper order, you will get a pop up message informing you that your account has been successfully created. Click on Ok
  • Now you will need to install the live chat code on your website. Copy the JavaScript code provided to notepad and then click on Ok, installed.

My Live Chat

  • On the new page, locate and click on Edit HTML.
  • Once the Edit HTML page is loaded, click inside the box containing your blog’s code and then press down Ctrl and F simultaneously on your keyboard.
  • Inside the search box that will appear after pressing Ctrl + F, type in </body> and hit Enter on the keyboard.
  • Copy the JavaScript code from notepad and paste just before/above the </body> tag.
  • Finally click on Save Template and you are done.
Visit your blog to see the live chat button appearing at the bottom right corner of the page.
To be able to chat with your website visitors, simply login to your agent console at with your ID , username and password.

For easy and quick access to the agent console so you can readily get live messages and reply on time, simply download the My Live Chat App for Windows (Desktop), Mac, Android and iOS.


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