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2 December 2016

MTN Do Not Disturb (DND)

Are you tired of receiving unsolicited messages and calls from MTN? If you are, then i guess you are going to find this very useful. Over the years, Nigerian network providers have been sending unsolicited messages to their customers in a view to making more money. The painful thing about this is that most at times, customers unknowingly subscribe to different packages without actually consenting to it.

Complaints by customers as regards the unsolicited messages and calls received every now and then from the various network providers has led the NCC to sanction these nefarious network providers to provide options via which customers can opt out from receiving the so called unwarranted messages and calls.

It is on this note that I will like to show you guys how to stop MTN Nigeria from sending unsolicited messages and calls to you. This feature was made available by MTN as mandated by NCC (Nigerian Communications Commission) to enable its customers opt-in and out of receiving unwarranted messages and calls.

The service which is tagged DND (Do Not Disturb) can simply be activated by sending STOP to 2442. By so doing, MTN will immediately stop calling and sending you unsolicited (unwanted) messages. If in case you wish to start receiving the messages again, all you need to do is send ALLOW to 2442. To select from some specific option which you will like to receive messages and calls about, text HELP to 2442 and then follow the instruction as required to activate you preferred package.

To check your DND status, simply text STATUS to 2442.


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