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3 April 2017

I once wrote on how to find the postal code of any area (CLICK HERE TO READ) in Nigeria but got a message form a visitor informing me that he finds it difficult sometimes getting the postal code of the area he stays. Basically, the website provides postal codes for both urban and rural areas in Nigeria only. The problem the person was having is that he was looking for the postal code of an area outside Nigeria which is not provided on the Nigerian postal service website.

In order to be able to get the postal code of locations outside Nigeria, you will need to visit a different website which tends to provide accurate postal code for all locations worldwide. This website will be very helpful when it comes to filling forms online as you would no longer get stuck when asked to provide your area/city/state/country postal code which you know differs completely from the usual international dialing code.

The need to order something from the net have made it necessary to be aware of the postal code of the area where one reside. If you are finding it difficult getting the zip postal code of your area (either rural or urban), just follow the steps below;
  • Once the website opens, locate and click on the alphabet corresponding to the first initial of the country’s name in which you reside. 

Postal Codes

  • Scroll down the new page and click on the country’s name. 

Postal Codes

  • On the new page that will open, scroll down the page again and click on the first initial corresponding to the city name in which the area you want to get its zip/postal code belong. 

Postal Codes

  • Finally search for the area (city) you want to get its zip/postal code and then click on it. The zip/postal code(s) will be displayed just beneath the name of the area (city).


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