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3 May 2017

Are you tired of using smartphone but still want to be able to communicate with your WhatsApp friends? I guess you must have heard that it is possible but told that you will need to still have access to a smartphone before you can. You do not actually need a smartphone to be able to use WhatsApp on your computer. This program is completely different from the one I wrote about in How to Use WhatsApp on Your Computer For Free which requires that you have access to a smartphone and the WhatsApp on the phone connected to the app.

To be able to use WhatsApp on your computer without having access to a smartphone, just follow the steps below;
  • Once the download is complete, double click on the software and follow the prompts to install it.
  • Launch the software once its installation is complete and wait patiently as its interface is configured to work seamlessly on your computer (remember that the software is going to work just like an Android OS).

Droid4x Launch

  • Go through the tutorials by clicking on Next at each stage and then finally I got it at the end.

Additional Steps: Installation of WhatsApp messenger

The steps below are the same for every Android operating system. If you successfully installed the Android emulator by following the steps outlined above and have downloaded the WhatsApp messenger on your Android smartphone before, then the steps below will be very familiar. To install WhatsApp on the your computer and start using it to chat with friends and family, follow the additional steps below;
  • On the Droid4x interface, locate and click on App Store.
Droid4x Home
  • On the App Store page, choose Existing if you already have a Gmail account or New if you want to create another account. For the sake of time, I will be using an existing account here.
Droid4x Google Account
  • Enter your email address and password just like you normally do when trying to log into your Gmail account and then click on the Next Arrow as shown in the image below.
Droid4x Google Account
  • Click on Ok on the pop-up that will appear to agree to Google’s Terms of Service, Privacy Policy,  and Google Play’s Terms of Service.
Droid4x Google Account
  • Patiently wait as you are logged into Google Playstore and then click on Accept if a pop-up appears again in order to agree to the Google Play Terms of Service.
Droid4x Google Account
  • Once the Google Play page opens, click on the search icon just as shown in the image below.
Droid4x PlayStore
  • Type in WhatsApp on the search bar and select it from the options provided.
  • Once the WhatsApp download page opens, click on Install.
Droid4x WhatsApp
  • On the pop-up page that will appear, click on Accept.
Droid4x WhatsApp Install
  • Wait patiently as the downloading and installation of the App completes.
Droid4x WhatsApp Install
  • Once the download and installation is completed, click on Open.
Droid4x WhatsApp Install  

  • On the new page that will appear, click on Agree and Continue.
Droid4x WhatsApp Install
  • Select your country from the list and then enter you phone number in the space provided for it just as shown in the image below, and then click on Next.
Droid4x WhatsApp Install
  • Next click Ok on the pop-up page that will come up.
Droid4x WhatsApp Phone Verify
  • Input the six-digit code sent to the number you entered earlier and wait for the verification of the mobile number to complete.
Droid4x WhatsApp Phone Verify
  • Enter a profile name and image, and then click on Next.
Droid4x WhatsApp Profile
  • Patiently wait as the initialization completes.
Droid4x Initializing
  • Now you can begin chatting with your friends and family from the convenience of your laptop without the need of a smartphone.
Droid4x WhatsApp

I tried as much as possible not to leave out any detail (even the easiest ones) but if in case you are having problem getting WhatsApp to work on your computer without the need of a smartphone after following the easy steps above, then you can mention so via the comment box below.


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