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20 May 2017

For you to be viewing this page, it means you are finding it difficult transferring files from your computer folders to the Droid4x app on the computer. Earlier this month, i wrote on how to use WhatsApp on a computer without the need of a smartphone and after posting it, I got messages from some users informing me that they are finding it difficult changing their profile picture since they were not able to copy files from the computer folder into the Droid4x folder. Today I will be showing you guys how to transfer/copy pictures/music/videos or any other files from your computer folder to Droid4x. The procedure is very easy and all you need to do is follow the step by step guide as I have outlined below;
  • Start the Droid4x app if it is not already started.
  • On the Droid4x interface, click on the Settings Icon as shown in the image below. 

Droid4x Settings
  • Next click on Other Setting on the new pop up page that will appear. 

Droid4x Other Settings

  • Click on the Share Folder button which is located just below the title Other Options

Droid4x Share Folder

  • On the pop-up page that will appear, search for and select the folder containing the file/video/image you want to copy to Droid4x and then click on Ok

Droid4x Select Folder

  • Once the Ok button as specified in the above step have been clicked on, you shall be taken to the Droid4xshare folder where the files inside the folder you have selected will be displayed.
  • Click on the Actions Icon as shown in the image below to open the action pop-up page. 

Droid4x Action Icon

  • On the pop-up page, locate and click on Select All to select all the files in the folder you selected earlier. You can also tick the box for each of the file you want to copy to Droid4x if you don’t want to copy all the file in the folder. 

Droid4x Select All

  • Once the files have been selected, click on the Action Icon again to bring up the pop-up Action page as before. 

Droid4x Action Icon

  • Finally click on Copy Selections Here on the pop-up action page that will come after clicking the Action icon as stated above and you are done.

Droid4x Copy Selection Here

Whenever you want to access the files you copied/transferred from your PC to Droid4x, simply follow the instructions below or just from the Droid4x interface go to  SysFolder >>>> File Manager >>>> Droid4xShare.

  • Click on SysFolder from the Droid4x home interface. 

Droid4x SysFolder

  • Locate and click on File Manager from the list of options. 

Droid4x File Manager

  • Scroll down to Droid4xShare and then click on it.


With that done, you should be able view and make use of the files you copied from your PC to Droid4x.



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