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18 June 2017


Are you running short of cash or need some cash to solve immediate needs? Now you can request for a loan by using your mobile phone without stress. All you need is your Etisalat SIM which you must have been using for a while and your mobile phone (as long as it can receive and make calls). If all these are in check, then you are good to request a loan using your Etisalat SIM of amounts ranging from ₦1000 to ₦50,000.

This service which is offered by Kwikcash in collaboration with Etisalat does not require any form of serious collateral to get started but you must keep the following in mind when requesting for a loan:
  • You will have to pay back the loan in 14 days from the day it is given to you.
  • You allow the use of your personal data to determine loan offers.
  • You will allow messages to numbers in your call/sms history if you do not pay up after the 14 days ultimatum.
Ensure to read through the full terms and conditions by visiting before going ahead to request a loan.

To request for a loan, simply dial *561# using your Etisalat line (SIM) and follow the on-screen prompt which should put you through the steps to get the loan. Remember that the loan ranges between ₦1000 and ₦50,000 and it is to be paid in 14days starting the day you receive the requested amount in your bank account.

Note: This service which is available to only a select number of Etisalat users is currently by invite only. Meaning that you cannot use the service until invited by SMS. The amount which you can borrow is determined by Kwikcash on analysis of your personal data in real time. Basically, the more you use your phone and pay your loans on time, the larger loan sizes you have access to. MAKE SURE YOU READ THROUGH THE KWIKCASH TERMS BEFORE REQUESTING FOR A LOAN!



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