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21 July 2017

Presently viewing a web page with plenty of interesting stuff you don’t want to ignore? There are so many ways via which you can save the web pages you view on the internet but what I will be showing you guys today has to do with taking screenshots. I guess you must have been wondering how I get to show you guys pictorial guides of posts having to do with web pages. One simple truth is that I really do not like installing third party software and applications on my computer so I normally make do with the pre-installed Windows features. The con about using this feature to take screenshot is that you will have to print screen i.e. take a snapshot and then paste to another source before saving. What if you are not the type that likes to go through such plenty process?

Well, today we shall be looking at how we can take screenshot of the web pages we visit without actually having to exit or minimize the browser. As I always said, there are plenty of ways to achieve this. If you are using Google Chrome browser to access the internet, then this guide is for you. If not, you can check out How to Capture Web Page Screenshot on Mozilla Firefox Browser.
  • On the page that will load up, click on +Add to Chrome just as shown in the image below.

Full page screenshot extension download

  • Wait while the browser checks the application if it is supported or not. If supported, you shall get a pop-up message asking you if you want to add the extension to Chrome. Click on Add Extension just as shown in the image below.

Chrome web page screenshot extension

  • Patiently wait as the extension is downloaded and added to Chrome. On successful completion, you shall get a camera icon just like the one shown in the image below appearing at the top right corner of the browser’s panel.

Full page screenshot icon

  • With that done, anything time you wish to capture any web page of choice, just click on the camera icon as  I have shown in the image above.
  • When you click on the camera icon, you shall be given to options for capturing a web page. The first is to capture the entire web page and the other an option to capture only a given portion of the web page. Pick any of the options which best satisfies your need.

Full page screenshot feature

Note: The above guide is for people who use Google Chrome browser to access the internet. For other browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. the extensions differ. If you are using Firefox browser, check out How to Capture Web Page Screenshot on Mozilla Firefox Browser to learn how to take screenshots of web pages while accessing the internet via the browser.


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