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17 July 2017

Owning a Google account gives you access to all Google platform. This means that it doesn’t matter on which Google platform you decide to open your account on because once you do, you shall be able to log into all Google platforms. Over the years, Google has taken the internet like a wild fire and every day we still keep getting applications and devices being linked to it. I guess you know now why you need to own a Google account today. The process involved in opening a Google account unlike in other platforms, is very easy and requires little or no technological know-how in order to do so. But since there will always be people who are not good with the internet or anything that has to do with technology, I shall in this post show you guys how to open and own a Google account for free.

Just follow the easy steps below and you are good to go;
  • Once the page has loaded up, locate and click on More Options just as indicated in the image below.

  • On the little menu that will appear, click on Create Account.

  • Fill the form as required and then click on Next Step.
  • If all the required information is filled in correctly, you shall get a pop-up page containing Google’s Privacy and Terms. Read through the Privacy and Terms and then click on I Agree to accept. By clicking on the I Agree button, you accept to abide by Google’s Privacy and Terms.

  • Finally, click on Continue and you are done. 

Remember, you can use the account you just created to access any Google platform that requires a login.


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