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10 August 2017

The email service offered by Google is one of the most popular in the world today being that it is free as compared to some of its competitors offering similar service. Over the years, Google has been making so many improvements to their platforms and Gmail was not left out. One of these improvements is the Gmail desktop notification which when enabled makes it possible for users to get a desktop notifications whenever there is a new mail sent to their inbox.

In order to be able to receive this notifications directly on your desktop, you will have to turn on the service first. For those of you guys who do not know how this is done, follow the guide below to do so;

  • Log into your Gmail account if you are not already logged in.
  • Locate and click on the "cog" sign just as indicated in the image below.
Gmail - cog sign

  • Select Settings from the drop down menu that will appear once you must have clicked on the cog sign.

Gmail Settings

  • Scroll down the settings page to Desktop Notifications. Notice there are three radio buttons with the button Mail notifications off already selected. Enable mail notifications by selecting the radio button for New mail notifications. You can decide to receive notification for only important mails by selecting its radio button but I will advise you pick the New mail notifications since some important mails might sometimes not be recognized by Gmail as important (basically because you have not marked it as important).

Gmail mail notification

  • Finally scroll down the page and click on Saves Changes to apply the change you just made to your account.

Gmail Save Changes

Note: You will only be able to receive mail notifications if you have the popular Google Chrome browser installed on your PC.


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