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Welcome to a blog where everything is as easy as pulling an elephant out of the eye of a needle. We have a serving passion to helping you our esteemed reader solve any technical problem you might be encountering.

Don’t think of us as just another technical blog. At Easytins, we try as much as possible to help our readers get a complete solution as regards solving their technical related problems. It is not just enough to inform and provide solutions to the reader’s problem, our post strive to be interestingly simple with an easy step by step guide complemented with compelling, high quality imagery for better explanation where necessary.

The Founder & Author:

Ugwoke Charles

Ugwoke Charles
My name is Ugwoke Charles and i am the founder and author of Easytins. 

I spend most of my time online and so have more ghost buddies online than real offline friends.

So you are welcomed to get in touch with me if you so wish by clicking on the Contact Us link below this page.